BFCM Cyber Week Sale Marketing Ideas

Hello Affiliates!

Our biggest SALE of the year is quickly approaching, so NOW is the time to start getting ready.

BFCM Cyber Week Sale

Dates: Nov 23rd – Nov 27th 2017

Sale: Up to 50% Off on Everything Sitewide

Adultshopping will have top banners on every site announcing the sale to customers.  We will also have marketing banners available for your site and social media accounts (FB, Twitter & Instagram).  Find them HERE (link).

Green Monday Sale Day—(One Day Only) The Last Online Shopping Day Before Christmas

Date: Dec 11th 2017

Sale: ??

Adultshopping will have top banners on every site announcing the sale to customers.  We will also have marketing banners available for your site and social media accounts (FB, Twitter & Instagram). Find them HERE (link).

Holiday Season E-Commerce Spending Stats in the US 2016

(dollar amounts in the Millions $)

  • Holiday Season (Nov 1 – Dec 12) $49,304 Million
  • Black Friday (Nov 25) $1,970 Million
  • Holiday Weekend (Nov 26-27) $2,486 Million
  • Cyber Monday (Nov 28) $2,671 Million
  • Green Monday (Dec 12) $1,621 Million

Cyber Monday – In 2016, Cyber Monday was the largest sales day in history with $3.39 billion USD spent online in a single day.

Green Monday – Green Monday is an online retail industry term like Cyber Monday. It is for the best sales day in December, usually the second Monday of December, or the last Monday with at least 10 days prior to Christmas. According to online marketers, it is a BIG sales day and store owners should not ignore it. (from Wikipedia & Shopify)

In Store Marketing Ideas

In addition to our regular sales there are a lot of ways to promote the sale even further and make more sales… But, you need to be prepared and start planning NOW!

Free Shipping

Free Shipping is an effective way to get customers to purchase during the sales event. When asked what would make them shop online more often, 90% of survey participants said free shipping was the number one incentive.

Use a Coupon to Offer Free Shipping

You can use a coupon for a dollar amount ($10 off with minimum purchase $50/$100) to give customers an incentive to buy more during the sale, and call it FREE SHIPPING.

Standard Shipping costs in the US (USPS) begin at $6.65, so a $10 coupon will cover most standard shipping options.

Create a Gift Shopping Guide for Shoppers

Before BFCM begins, you can create a Holiday Gift Shopping Guide to promote.  Use Custom Pages to create a landing page, and curate it with your own Product Lists widget. Add featured product images, videos and reviews (plus add to cart buttons) for each item you feature.

Gift Guide Ideas

  • Sexy Gifts for Women
  • Hot Gifts for Men
  • Sizzling Gifts for Couples
  • Top 10 Vibrators
  • Gifts for Under $20
  • Stocking Stuffers for under $5-$10
  • Sexy Holiday Lingerie
  • Indulge Yourself: Bath, Body & Massage

Remind your customers of the impending holiday season, and the urgency to start shopping with a holiday-themed gift-giving guide. Studies show that many consumers (40%) are eager for holiday content as early as Halloween, and do a lot of research before the big sales.  Showcase NEW or seasonal product selections, or the top toys of 2017 (make sure these are in stock!!!)

Landing Pages

Create dedicated landing pages like the Gift Shopping Guide above. If you’re promoting BFCM sales on social media, go ahead and create a dedicated landing page or two for the occasion. For example, here’s the BFCM landing page for Amazon. Dedicated landing pages allow you to match the message you send on social media to the message you send on your site more closely, allowing for an improved conversion rate. You might even have different BFCM landing pages for sales in different product categories.

Having a countdown timer on your landing page will attract your audience’s attention as they’ll feel that they have to grab the deals before it end.

BFCM Contest Ideas

You can run a contest for one day only or for the length of the entire sale and offer your customers the chance to WIN a prize if they purchase.  The prize could be anything you decide, or offer a $50 purchase (Customer’s choice) and tell them to email you with their order # after purchase to take part in the draw. Promote on social media.

Get customers to spend more during Black Friday for a chance to win their total purchase.  For every customer who spends over a certain amount ($100), they get their name automatically added to the contest (which is heavily promoted in email, on site, in checkout!), and the day after Black Friday choose one customer who is randomly chosen to WIN their total purchase!

Timed Deals

Create excitement with new Lightning Deals released every hour or at different intervals throughout the week-long sale. Choose products that are marked down 50% or more to promote on social media.

Off Site Marketing Ideas

Promote BFCM on Coupon Deal Sites:

Create a BFCM coupon to promote on Coupon Sites for the Cyber Week Sale and promote the “Up to 50% off” as well.

Coupon Sites to Promote On (Also, Search Google):

Promote on Sex Blogs and Sex Toy Review Sites:

There are hundreds if not thousands of Sex Blogs on the internet that do advertising in the form of links, banners and paid gest posts.  Check out the different ones and pricing and then contact them (early, before the end of October) to get them to post a Gift Guide that either you write or they write for you.  Pricing for paid guest posts can be anywhere from $50-$500 depending on the blog.

Lists of Sex Blogs for Paid Ads:

Scheduling Your Marketing Plan

To create an effective Marketing Plan for BFCM, you should begin now, deciding what type of promotions you want to create, and add a content calendar for your campaign that accounts for every step.

Check Lists for Your Marketing Plan

  • Seasonal/Holiday Blog Posts
  • Gift Guides & Landing Pages
  • Giveaways &Promotions
  • Graphics & Banners
  • Social Media Posts
  • Guest Posts on Sex Blogs
  • Paid Ads & Backlinks
  • Submit to Coupon Sites

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